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From novice to a expert in 5 weeks time. ‘Monkey see monkey do’ technique to help you learn the basics and transform you to a expert. SEO, Google Ads or generating revenue from the site we have everything covered.


9 Certifications

Be like a pro act like a pro.

You get 10 Industry recognized certifications from Google, Bing and Hubspot.

Students will be given hands on experience on “Live Projects” 

Website Brainstorming, Domain Selection and Hosting

Learn to create your own website and how to host. 

Bing Ads and Google Adwords

Learn Pay Per Click Advertising With Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Copywriting techniques and content creation

We teach you how to write content which is unique and teach you copy writing techniques saving $250

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Application of 5 ORM tools used by fortune 500 companies. 

Search Engine Optimization

Learning advance techniques for SEO from beginners to a pro.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter we will teach you creating profile page marketing campaigns and everything you need to know for lead generation and branding.

Email Marketing

Learn to create audience base and keeping them engaged and how to use it for cross selling or up selling your products/services.

Digital presence, Interview Success mantra

We will also help you create your digital presence and prepare your CV pros and cons to help you let go of your fear and achieve your dreams

Edutainly Academy for Digital Marketing with 100% placement assistance

Whether you are a fresher or running your own business, the extensive training program at Edutainly Academy of Digital Marketing will not only make you an expert in monitoring digital marketing performance but will also make you able to plan, conceptualize and execute digital marketing strategies in the market. In other words, you will become an expert in the marketing of any brands, products & services online.e.

Learn by Doing

You will be given assignments and ratings will be provided.

“Monkey see monkey do” You will be given exact steps to follow and you just implement it and do it. We will make sure you dont run out on ideas.

Achieve your goals

Finding a job, Scaling your business or Tired of Fake Marketing tactis that dont work?

Dont worry we got your back. You can learn everything from a scratch. Any doubts we are just a click away.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

In One Week I promise you can create your own website and you will have a plan to monetize or scale it to next level by the end of this extensive course.

Jaydeep Sharma, Former Google Analytics Team Leader and now Part of Edutainly


Answers to our most frequently asked questions?

What Certificates do I receive from this course?

Every student that attends Edutainly Academy Of Digital Marketing is guaranteed 9 Certifications. You will receive 6 Certifications from Google, 1 from Microsoft, 1 from Hubspot and 1 from Edutainly Didital Academy.

Whats the eligibility for attending this course?

The only eligibility criteria we have is that our students should be to understand and communicate in English or Hindi. Medium of communication would be English/ Hindi.

What is "Learn by Doing" teaching methodology?

We dont believe in theory classes. We believe in Practicals. Every concept taught at Edutainly Academy will have a practical session attached to it. You will be applying everything you learn on the “Live Project” we give you.

What is "Guaranteed Paid Internship" Programme?

Every student that does a Digital Marketing course at Edutainly Academy is eligible for guaranteed paid internship at our digital marketing agency Edutainly Software Services.

What should I join Edutainly Academy?

We are Digital Marketing Agency that has ventured Digital Marketing training as well. We know what are the trends in Digital Marketing industry and we know what are the digital marketing requirements clients have on a day to day basis.

Will I Get Guaranteed Placement?

We offer 100% Guaranteed Placements to eligible students. To be eligible for Guaranteed placements a student has to attain 80% marks in the examinations conduted by Edutainly Academy Of Digital Marketing.

For Job Seekers

Become a digital marketing expert in only 5 weeks time. Guaranteed Certifications from Google, Bing, and Hubspot. Practical Based Learning.

For Entrepreneurs

Want to own a Business of your own? Learn how digital marketing can help you market your own  business and generate clients.

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